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Transformers Animated - The Fan Community

In the next century, five unlikely heroes come to our world.
Taking the form of emergency vehicles, they become the defenders of the city of Detroit.
But an ancient enemy has returned, and is dedicated to possessing the power they protect.
Autobots. Decepticons.
This is the world of Transformers Animated!

This is the first fan community for Transformers Animated, the new animated series from Cartoon Network.

We hope that tf_animated will become the go-to place for fan discussion about the new series, and the latest news and information about the upcoming series, from information about the toys to the 411 about the cartoon and its upcoming premiere.

Naturally, there are also a few rules for this community:


1. Respect your fellow users! This is a given folks, but no flame-baiting the other members of the community. This is not a place for drama, folks. Keep the discussion free of it, and we should all get along just fine. So, no calling names, starting personal arguments, that kind of thing. We also ask that users keep the language to a minimum - some cursing is allowed, but only in moderation.

2. This is for Transformers Animated, not other Transformers series. In other words, any discussion on this community must relate to the new animated series. You can do series comparison, or other ways of relating other Transformers shows to the new one, but it must be on topic.

3. There will be no series bashing. We here at tf_animated realize that Transformers Animated is a polarizing series in the fandom, but this is a fan community for the series. Thus, we do not permit any sort of discussion of that nature.

However, there is a distinction between "bashing" and criticism, and we do allow the latter. Discussion of what you like and don't like about the new show is allowed. As long as its well-thought out and not angry and vitriolic, and contains some degree of appreciation for the show, it should be fine.

4. No X-rated or R-Rated rated fan-art or other material. As this is an all-ages community, and due to recent goings-on with Livejournal's management, we do not allow the posting of X-rated or R-rated fan art or other fan works.

Allowances will be made at our upcoming sister community at Insanejournal.com, when it is up and running.

5. No spam is to be posted on this community. This includes e-soliciting, posting of off-topic material, and irrelevant postings that do not add to community.

It should be noted that "no soliciting" does not extend to the selling or posting of auctions of Transformers Animated toys, after their release. This also does not include the promotion of new communities, as long as it relates to Transformers Animated in some manner.

6. We do not allow links to episode downloads. There's no ways around this. All posts that are made with episode download links will be deleted, and the poster will be given a warning.

7. There will be no bashing of Hasbro or Cartoon Network. This is not something that we want on this community, as it does not foster any kind of productive discussion and vilifies the production of the series.

8. Respect your fellow fan artists and writers; accept criticism and don't be overly harsh. If you post art or a story, do not react as if you are being antagonized if you receive constructive criticism. At the same time, blatant antagonism that involves name calling is not allowed either.

That said, as long as you follow the rules, play nice, and above all, have fun, we'll all get along famously!

Your moderators:

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